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기능 Audio Amplification Transistor
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2SC6145 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
Audio Amplification Transistor
Features and Benefits
LAPT (High frequency multi emitter transistor)
Small package (TO-3P)
High power handling capacity, 160 W
Improved sound output by reduced on-chip impedance
For professional audio (PA) applications, VCEO = 260 V
versions available
Complementary to 2SA2223
Recommended output driver: 2SC4382A
Package: 3-Lead TO-3P
Sanken LAPT transistors have an innovative design, produced
by adapting advancements in the unique Sanken thin-wafer
production technology. These NPN power transistors achieve
faster power-up by decreasing thermal resistance, and provide
a higher avalanche breakdown voltage rating. The high power-
handling capacity of the TO-3P package allows a smaller
footprint on the circuit board layout. This series of transistors
is very well suited not only for multichannel applications
for AV (audio-visual) amplifiers and receivers, but also for
parallel connection applications for PA (professional audio
system) amplifiers.
Applications include the following:
Single transistors for audio amplifiers
Home audio amplifiers
Professional audio amplifiers
Automobile audio amplifiers
Audio market
Single transistors for general purpose
Not to scale
Equivalent Circuit

2SC6145 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
Audio Amplification Transistor
Package Outline Drawing, TO-3P
15.8 ±0.2
15.6 ±0.3
14.0 ±0.3
13.6 ±0.2
9.6 ±0.2
5.0 MAX
2.1 MAX
heatsink pad
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5.45 ±0.1
Terminal dimension at lead tip
Gate burr: 0.3 mm (max.), mold flash may appear at opposite side
Terminal core material: Cu
Terminal treatment: Ni plating and Pb-free solder dip
Leadform: 100
Package: TO-3P (M100)
Approximate weight: 6 g
Dimensions in millimeters
0.7 MAX
0.7 MAX
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Branding codes (exact appearance at manufacturer discretion):
1st line, type: C6145
2nd line left, lot: YM
Where: Y is the last digit of the year of manufacture
M is the month (1 to 9, O, N, D)
2nd line right, subtype: H
Where: H is the hFE rating (O, R, or Y; for values see
footnote, Electrical Characteristics table)
Leadframe plating Pb-free. Device composition
includes high-temperature solder (Pb >85%),
which is exempted from the RoHS directive.
Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.
115 Northeast Cutoff
Worcester, Massachusetts 01615-0036 U.S.A.


2SC6145 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
Audio Amplification Transistor
WARNING — These devices are designed to be operated at lethal voltages and energy levels. Circuit designs
that embody these components must conform with applicable safety requirements. Precautions must be
taken to prevent accidental contact with power-line potentials. Do not connect grounded test equipment.
The use of an isolation transformer is recommended during circuit development and breadboarding.
Because reliability can be affected adversely by improper storage
environments and handling methods, please observe the following
Cautions for Storage
• Ensure that storage conditions comply with the standard
temperature (5°C to 35°C) and the standard relative humidity
(around 40 to 75%); avoid storage locations that experience
extreme changes in temperature or humidity.
• Avoid locations where dust or harmful gases are present and
avoid direct sunlight.
• Reinspect for rust on leads and solderability of products that have
been stored for a long time.
Cautions for Testing and Handling
When tests are carried out during inspection testing and other
standard test periods, protect the products from power surges
from the testing device, shorts between adjacent products, and
shorts to the heatsink.
Remarks About Using Silicone Grease with a Heatsink
When silicone grease is used in mounting this product on a
heatsink, it shall be applied evenly and thinly. If more silicone
grease than required is applied, it may produce stress.
Coat the back surface of the product and both surfaces of the
insulating plate to improve heat transfer between the product and
the heatsink.
Volatile-type silicone greases may permeate the product and
produce cracks after long periods of time, resulting in reduced
heat radiation effect, and possibly shortening the lifetime of the
Our recommended silicone greases for heat radiation purposes,
which will not cause any adverse effect on the product life, are
indicated below:
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.
Momentive Performance Materials
Dow Corning Toray Silicone Co., Ltd.
Heatsink Mounting Method
Torque When Tightening Mounting Screws. Thermal resistance
increases when tightening torque is low, and radiation effects are
decreased. When the torque is too high, the screw can strip, the
heatsink can be deformed, and distortion can arise in the product frame.
To avoid these problems, observe the recommended tightening torques
for this product package type, TO-3P (MT-100): 0.686 to 0.882 N•m (7
to 9 kgf•cm).
Diameter of Heatsink Hole: < 4 mm. The deection of the press mold
when making the hole may cause the case material to crack at the joint
with the heatsink. Please pay special attention for this effect.
• When soldering the products, please be sure to minimize the
working time, within the following limits:
260±5°C 10 s
350±5°C 3 s
Soldering iron should be at a distance of at least 1.5 mm from the
body of the products
Electrostatic Discharge
• When handling the products, operator must be grounded.
Grounded wrist straps worn should have at least 1 MΩ of
resistance to ground to prevent shock hazard.
• Workbenches where the products are handled should be
grounded and be provided with conductive table and floor mats.
• When using measuring equipment such as a curve tracer, the
equipment should be grounded.
• When soldering the products, the head of soldering irons or the
solder bath must be grounded in other to prevent leak voltages
generated by them from being applied to the products.
• The products should always be stored and transported in our
shipping containers or conductive containers, or be wrapped in
aluminum foil.
Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.
115 Northeast Cutoff
Worcester, Massachusetts 01615-0036 U.S.A.


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