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기능 Real-Time Clock Module
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AB0805 데이터시트, 핀배열, 회로
AB08XX Real-Time Clock Family
Date of Issue: November 7, 2013
3.0 x 3.0 mm
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Abracon Drawing #453567
Revision : A
• Ultra-low supply current (all at 3V):
- 14 nA with RC oscillator
- 22 nA with RC oscillator and Autocalibration
- 55 nA with crystal oscillator
• Baseline timekeeping features:
- 32.768 kHz crystal oscillator with integrated
load capacitor/resistor
- Counters for hundredths, seconds, minutes,
hours, date, month, year, century, and week-
- Alarm capability on all counters
- Programmable output clock generation
(32.768 kHz to 1 year)
- Countdown timer with repeat function
- Automatic leap year calculation
• Advanced timekeeping features:
- Integrated power optimized RC oscillator
- Advanced crystal calibration to ± 2 ppm
- Advanced RC calibration to ± 16 ppm
- Automatic calibration of RC oscillator to crystal
- Watchdog timer with hardware reset
- Up to 256 bytes of general purpose RAM
• Power management features:
- Automatic switchover to VBAT
- External interrupt monitor
- Programmable low battery detection threshold
- Programmable analog voltage comparator
• I2C (up to 400 kHz) and 3-wire or 4-wire SPI (up
to 2 MHz) serial interfaces available
• Operating voltage 1.5-3.6 V
• Clock and RAM retention voltage 1.5-3.6 V
• Operating temperature –40 to 85 °C
• All inputs include Schmitt Triggers
• 3x3 mm QFN-16 package
• Smart cards
• Wireless sensors and tags
• Medical electronics
• Utility meters
• Data loggers
• Appliances
• Handsets
• Consumer electronics
• Communications equipment
The ABRACON AB08XX Real Time Clock family
provides a groundbreaking combination of ultra-low
power coupled with a highly sophisticated feature
set. With power requirements significantly lower than
any other industry RTC (as low as 14 nA), these are
the first semiconductors based on innovative
SPOTTM (Subthreshold Power Optimized
Technology) CMOS platform. The AB08XX includes
on-chip oscillators to provide minimum power
consumption, full RTC functions including battery
backup and programmable counters and alarms for
timer and watchdog functions, and either an I2C or
SPI serial interface for communication with a host
Disclaimer: AB08XX series of devices are
based on innovative SPOT technology,
proprietary to Ambiq Micro.

AB0805 pdf, 반도체, 판매, 대치품
AB08XX Real-Time Clock Family
Date of Issue: November 7, 2013
3.0 x 3.0 mm
Page 4 of 37
Abracon Drawing #453567
Revision : A
The advanced timekeeping feature group supports two additional oscillation modes: 1) RC oscillator mode,
and 2) Autocalibration mode. At only 14 nA, the temperature-compensated RC oscillator mode provides an
even lower current draw than the XT oscillator for applications with reduced frequency accuracy
requirements. A proprietary calibration algorithm allows the AB08XX to digitally tune the RC oscillator
frequency and the XT oscillator frequency with accuracy as low as 2 ppm at a given temperature. In
Autocalibration mode, the RC oscillator is used as the primary oscillation source and is periodically
calibrated against the XT oscillator. Autocalibration may be done automatically every 8.5 minutes or 17
minutes and may also be initiated via software. This mode enables average current draw of only 22 nA
with frequency accuracy similar to the XT oscillator. The advanced timekeeping feature group also
includes a rich set of input and output configuration options that enables the monitoring of external
interrupts (e.g., pushbutton signals), the generation of clock outputs, and watchdog timer functionality.
Power management features built into the AB08XX enable it to operate as a backup device in both line-
powered and battery-powered systems. An integrated power control module automatically detects when
main power (VCC) falls below a threshold and switches to backup power (VBAT). Up to 256B of ultra-low
leakage RAM enable the storage of key parameters when operating on backup power. The AB08XX also
includes digitally-tunable voltage detection on the backup power supply. VBAT power switching is included
in the AB0803, AB0813, AB0813 and AB0815 parts only.


AB0805 전자부품, 판매, 대치품
AB08XX Real-Time Clock Family
Date of Issue: November 7, 2013
3.0 x 3.0 mm
Page 7 of 37
Abracon Drawing #453567
Revision : A
4.2 Pin Descriptions
Table 3 provides a description of the pin connections.
Table 3: Pin Descriptions
Pin Name
Ground connection. In the QFN-16 packages the ground slug on the bottom of the package must be
connected to VSS.
Primary power connection. If a single power supply is used, it must be connected to VCC.
Battery backup power connection. If a backup battery is not present, VBAT is normally left floating or
grounded, but it may also be used to provide the analog input to the internal comparator (see Analog-
Crystal oscillator input connection.
Crystal oscillator output connection.
Autocalibration filter connection. A 47pF ceramic capacitor should be placed between this pin and VSS
for improved Autocalibration mode timing accuracy.
SCL I/O interface clock connection. It provides the SCL input in both I2C and SPI interface parts.
SDA (only available in
I2C environments)
I/O interface I2C data connection.
SDO (only available in
SPI environments)
I/O interface SPI data output connection.
SDI I/O interface SPI data input connection.
nCE (only available
SPI environments)
I/O interface SPI chip select input connection. It is an active low signal. A pull-up resistor is recom-
mended to be connected to this pin to ensure it is not floating. A pull-up resistor also prevents inadver-
tent writes to the RTC during power transitions.
External interrupt input connection. It may be used to generate an External 1 interrupt with polarity
selected by the EX1P bit if enabled by the EX1E bit. The value of the EXTI pin may be read in the EXIN
register bit. This pin does not have an internal pull resistor. It must not be left floating or the RTC may
consume higher current.
Watchdog Timer reset input connection. It may also be used to generate an External 2 interrupt with
polarity selected by the EX2P bit if enabled by the EX2E bit. The value of the WDI pin may be read in
the WDIN register bit. This pin does not have an internal pull resistor. It must not be left floating or the
RTC may consume higher current.
Primary interrupt output connection. FOUT/nIRQ may be configured to generate several signals as a
function of the OUT1S field(see 0x11 - Control2). FOUT/nIRQ is also asserted low on a power up until
the AB08XX has exited the reset state and is accessible via the I/O interface.
1. FOUT/nIRQ can drive the value of the OUT bit.
2. FOUT/nIRQ can drive the inverse of the combined interrupt signal IRQ (see Interrupts).
3. FOUT/nIRQ can drive the square wave output (see 0x13 - SQW) if enabled by SQWE.
4. FOUT/nIRQ can drive the inverse of the alarm interrupt signal AIRQ (see Interrupts).


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Real-Time Clock Module


Real-Time Clock Module

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